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HAS heard to powerful tube. "КТ-150 Tung-Sol" (70Вт)

HAS heard to powerful tube. "КТ-150 Tung-Sol" (70Вт)


Has compared sounding of a serial tube. KT88 Genalex to powerful tube

KT-150 Tung-Sol on a serial complex - the capacity amplifier

"River Audio" М-7В, the preliminary amplifier "River Audio С-9S",

cетевые filters "Past Audio SF-2" and network cords with

powerful networks "Past Audio NC-1".


QUALITY SOUNDING OF Powerful Tube KT-150 Tung-Sol


1. The sound more open in all sound picture, is more transparent

And air. Are transferred set of details, up to the most thin.


2. The voice of the singer or the singer is more natural, more emotionally and more musically.

You start to hear set imperceptible before details,

There was a plasticity in a sound, dynamics has increased.


3. Sounding of a guitar string is more dense, more sharply attack. On splashes

Loudness is not present characteristic distortions .


4. The bass is more accurate, more dense, more neutral also deeper.

The body sounds more strongly Space


5. Sound space deeper and relief. A hint

On sharpness, all is natural. Sound sources are is better outlined.

The sensation of space to become almost physical.

The sound everywhere - nearby, is far, highly.

 Very good new powerful tube KT-150 Tung-Sol

 The general director and the chief designer

Firms "River of Audio Design" and "Audio Pastes"

Девиченский Анатолий Николаевич

Источник: http://www.hificomponents.ru/
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