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News!!! KT150 Tung Sol (New Production by New Sensor)

KT150 Tung Sol . We had been heard out experimental samples. Sounding of a new radio tube was similar on KT120 and KT88 Genalex Gold Lion but more air and deep, wide the scene turned out, sounding of a low-frequency range became lower and fundamental and thus clear, a voice more natural and live, top at a lamp pure free and the main thing not раздражающе ringing. Also have still noticed one feature in sounding KT150 sounds became last Cesaria Evora there was more live. We heard such similar effect at comparison of cables, on Western Electric. The radio tube has the big capacity. Comparisons were spent on amplifier Cary sl80. And though direct replacement power vacuum tube KT88 on KT150 it is not absolutely correct, it works not absolutely in the modes, but even so the essential difference in sounding of these lamps if the amplifier under these lamps adjusts sounding even better was audible.

photo see now http://www.hificomponents.ru/

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